Friday, June 17, 2011

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I've been hit with a sunshine award.

Happy Elf Mom aka Mrs C. just gave me a sunshine award today.  Isn't it purty?

There are certain rules (though non mandatory) associated with said award and it includes telling 7 things about yourself and linking to other bloggers, thereby passing on the reward.

Trust me.  You really want to read Happy Elf Mom's entry... it is side-splitting.  I hope my is at least half as entertaining.  Here goes.  7 things about me:

1.  I'm bi-polar.  No, not in the diagnosed, institutionalized,  crazy kinda way, but in the "dang, that girl is moody" kind of way.  In the true sense of being a Gemini, I have moods, and my moods have moods.  You can't get to know me in one meeting, or even in a week.... you need a full year's exposure.  Still mostly I am happy because I choose to be... my reactions are just widely varied from "easy goes it" to "WHAT THE HAY!!!!!".

2.  My kids are as crazy as I am.  The girl may break into song and dance at any moment, or she may ignore you completely.  The boy is a little more balanced, he will either happy-grunt or annoyed-grunt.  I find it entertaining.,

3.  I love being around my kids.  I like sitting next to them.  Rubbing their arms, playing with their hands, and twirling their hair.  Every time I do it I realize that this may be the last time the let me... as they are growing up.  Sure they swat at me sometimes, but I have quick reflexes.

5. I am happily married for 19 years.  My husband deserves and award.

6.  I love learning.  This is probably why I am such a good match for homeschooling. I am thinking of going back to school when I am done homeschooling the kids... maybe get a Masters or PHD in education. ... or Pursue my art.  Maybe both... (observe the bipolar tendencies)

7.  I live in a big house, but that doesn't make me rich.  Every middle class family in Georgia has a big house.  When the kids are gone, I plan to sell it (if the market will move) and get a Condo in the city.

Now for a list of my favorite bloggers.

I would list Happy Elf Mom, but we could end up bouncing the same award back and forth forever.

I adore Sprittibee.  Her blog makes me giddy.  She's a homeschooling mom, but also has a life.

Rants from Mommy Land keeps me in stitches.  I kinda like a gal who's not afraid to cuss.

Darla at My Snellville Blog is my very special real life friend.  Her blog is hyper local and totally awesome.

MamaJulep likes to keep it real.  I never knew complaining about kids could be so entertaining.

So there it is... now you know me and you know who I like.  Guys it's your turn to pass on the sunshine award, but only if you want to.

(so nice I had to post it twice... I accidentally posted this at my Freehomeed blog by mistake.)


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